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Student Success Story: Haiyue Liu

The Tivoli Turnhalle is bustling, alive with the sounds of traditional Chinese music and friendly conversation. With microphone in hand, Haiyue Liu prepares to take the stage and welcome over 200 CU Denver students and faculty members to the Mid-Autumn Banquet hosted by the Intercultural Club Beijing (ICB). But her role as President of ICB is just one of the many impressive accomplishments listed on Liu's extensive resume.

Before running for president, Liu, a senior at CU Denver majoring in communication, had been volunteering for ICB for a year. "The club helps Chinese, especially ICB, students to have a better life and living environment in Denver," said Liu. "The first time I came to Denver, I just didn't know where to go. I just knew how to get from Campus Village to campus, so the first month in Denver was tough."

But Liu has decided to use her own experience adapting to an entirely new environment in order to help other students in the same position. "After I got used to all the things on campus, like a lot of resources and help from all around, life is easy now. That's why I want to share these resources with other people," said Liu.

In order to be elected, Liu needed to campaign and introduce herself to both ICB students and their American friends. As she explained, the campaign involved "pasting papers on the wall so that ICB students and their American friends could go through them and find which one they think is the best." She came to the Writing Center so that she could showcase her strengths and qualifications in her biography. And as it turns out, "I'm the only one who used English for the election," Liu said.

Now that she has been elected president, Liu aims to help not just ICB students but all UCD students to utilize valuable campus resources while providing them with a welcoming environment and supportive community. As Liu explained, "Every semester we will plan or schedule a lot of events like some traditional Chinese festivals. Otherwise, we will find some resources on campus for our students, like the Writing Center, advisors, or the Career Center."

But what might convince other ICB and UCD students is that Liu herself has taken advantage of and benefited from them. "Because my major is communication, I have a lot of writing and papers and presentations. I developed a really practical language experience from the Writing Center. My English that I learned in China from the textbooks is not 'real,' so the Writing Center helped me to develop a language for life," she said.

Liu is on track to graduate in May 2014, but until then, she will continue utilizing the Writing Center for assistance with her personal statement and resume as part of her application for graduate school.